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Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA)

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Naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) found in rock, soil and dust is regulated by a multitude of organizations including CARB, DTSC, CalOSHA/Fed OSHA, EPA NESHAPS and other various local and state governmental entities.

Exposure to hazardous asbestos fibers from NOA typically occurs during any activities which disturb rock and soil including: drilling, grading, and other heavy construction and mining activities, as well incidental exposures from driving on NOA covered roadways.

Asbestos TEM Labs provides the full range of NOA testing services using its unmatched level of in-house sample preparation and testing equipment including: sample prep - drying ovens, rock crushers, disc pulverizers, mixers, sieves, splitters, micro-balances, etc.; and analysis - TEM, PLM, PCM microscopy and X-ray diffractometry.

Our staff of highly trained geologists and mineralogists, with their unsurpassed level of experience, specialize in analyzing NOA including regulated and unregulated asbestos minerals including the most difficult samples with multiple asbestos minerals and interfering fibrous non-asbestos minerals.

Asbestos TEM Labs meets the highest quality standards shown by its certification/accreditation by NIST/NVLAP (Oakland [La #101891-0] & Reno/Sparks [Lab #200104-0]), AIHA (Lab #101754) and various state ELAP (Cert. #1866) proficiency and on-site programs.

Call us today with trust and ease that our expert analyst will provide accurate fast results keeping workers and the public safe.




 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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 US Forest Service (USFS) - Pacific Southwest (California) Region 5 

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