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About Us

Asbestos TEM Labs was founded in 1989 by President Mark Bailey, PG with the goal of providing the highest quality asbestos testing services. Originally, the company focused on testing samples of building materials for asbestos. Over the years we have expanded our range of testing services to the broad list shown on our home page, while shifting the major emphasis of our business towards analysis of hazardous geology-based materials including naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) and silica dust. Towards that end Asbestos TEM Labs has become the largest provider of NOA testing services on the west coast and been involved with virtually all of the largest NOA projects in California and Nevada (see project experience).

Asbestos TEM Laboratories, Inc. is fully accredited for asbestos, environmental lead and silica testing by a number of certifying agencies including:

    • Asbestos in Bulk Building Materials (Oakland [Lab #101891-0] & Reno/Sparks [Lab #200104-0])
    • Asbestos in Air (Oakland [Lab #101891-0])
  • AIHA - LAP
    • Lead in Air, Paint, Soil, Settled Dust
    • Silica in Air, Dust and Soil/Rock
  • CA Water Board
    • Asbestos in Drinking Water
    • Asbestos in Hazardous Materials

Our two lab locations serve the western region and are conveniently located in Oakland, California and Sparks, Nevada.

Asbestos TEM Labs' NOA analysts are highly trained in the identification of asbestiform minerals by TEM, PLM and XRD, and include scientists with backgrounds in geology, crystal physics, biology, chemistry and environmental science.

Asbestos TEM Labs' President Mark Bailey, PG is a leader in the field of NOA. He has organized and chaired numerous symposia and conferences on NOA including:

  • 2019 - AEG Annual Meeting, Asheville, NC (1 day)
  • 2019 - ASTM Beard Conference, Denver, CA (1/2 day)
  • 2018 - IAEG International Congress, San Francisco, CA (3 day)
  • 2018 - AEG San Francisco Section Meeting, Oakland, CA (1 Day)
  • 2016 - AEG San Francisco Section Meeting, Oakland, CA (1 Day)
  • 2014 - ASTM Special Meeting, Anaheim, CA (2 day)
  • 2012 - AEG Joint San Francisco/Sacramento Section Meeting, Oakland, CA (1 Day)
  • 2009 - GSA Annual Meeting, Portland, OR (1 Day)
  • 2005 - GSA Cordilleran Section Meeting, San Jose, CA (1 Day)

Mr. Bailey has also spoken and given presentations for numerous organizations related to NOA hazard issues.

President Mr. Bailey is also deeply involved in NOA industry development including:

  • IAEG Commission on NOA Assessment and Site Mitigation (pending) - Chair
  • IMA Working Group on Asbestos Definitions and Nomenclature - Group Member
  • E&EG Special NOA Edition of 2018 IAEG Symposium – Editor & Author
  • ASTM NOA PLM/TEM/SEM/XRD Test Method (in progress) – Primary Author
  • AEG Naturally Occurring Asbestos Working Group, Chair
  • EMU NOA Analysis Training Course Lecturer on: 1) TEM Analysis of NOA and 2) Mineralogy of the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project site and the Discovery of Asbestiform Glaucophane

Mr. Bailey has provided asbestos related consulting services in a broad range of capacities including:

  • Asbestos in Talc Expert Witness Legal Consulting
  • Calaveras Dam Replacement Project regulated and non-regulated amphibole asbestos mineral identification
  • Boulder City Baypass NOA Sampling and Analysis Expert
  • Retained by EPA to author a report rebutting the RJ Lee Group critique of EPA's El Dorado Hills Risk Assessment findings.

In summary, Asbestos TEM Labs is the leading lab in the analysis of NOA in the world, providing unexcelled leadership in the field. It is also expert at the analysis of asbestos in building materials, environmental lead and silica. Call Asbestos TEM Labs to see how it can help you with your testing needs.

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Contact Us

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