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Major Projects

El Dorado Hills for U.S. EPA

Activity-based asbestos air sampling was done in 2004 for U.S. EPA to assess the public health hazard due to Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) at Oak Ridge High School located in El Dorado Hills.

Perform custom bulk soil sample preparation and analysis, as well as air sample analysis was performed in 2004 and 2005 for EPA and CARB to assess the public health hazard due to NOA at Oak Ridge High School and in the surrounding area of El Dorado Hills, California. Asbestos TEM Labs President, Mark Bailey PG, was retained by EPA as consulting geologist/mineralogist to respond to criticisms of an EPA report on El Dorado Hills by the Sand and Gravel Association.

Calaveras Dam Replacement Project for SFPUC

Since 2009 Asbestos TEM Laboratories has developed custom methods for NOA testing for a major NOA project under SFPUC contract. The five-year project involves testing thousands of airborne asbestos samples.

Asbestos TEM Laboratories provides a wide range of services to the SFPUC including:

  1. Analysis of TEM bulk, air and water samples derived from NOA-bearing rock/soil
  2. Expert mineralogical/geological consulting by President, Mark Bailey, registered Professional Geologist (PG) to identify asbestos mineral phases present at the site
  3. QA/QC laboratory information database design consulting

Asbestos TEM Labs initially became involved with the CDRP in April, 2007 being the first lab to identify asbestos at the site. It then assisted in determining the extent of asbestos rock/soil at the site, as well as ambient background air concentrations. Once the main project started, Asbestos TEM labs began testing large numbers of air samples on a daily basis using following CARB Modified AHERA, AHERA, NIOSH 7400 & NIOSH 7402 protocols. Data is reported in custom data packages, including daily QC & test result verification protocols.

Hunters Point Redevelopment Project for Lennar

Since 2006 Asbestos TEM Laboratories has tested thousands of NOA samples by CARB Modified AHERA from the Lennar Hunters Point Redevelopment Project at Hunters Point, as well as the Hunters View and PG&E Hunters Point site mitigation project.

Asbestos TEM Labs, Inc. also provided battery-powered high volume air sampling equipment to the client on a lease basis to allow them to perform 24 hour TEM air sampling in an environment with no electrical power.

CARB 435 Method Development Research Project for ARB

Under contract with the California Air Resources Board, Asbestos TEM Labs conducted a series of tests modifying the CARB 435 method for NOA in soil and rock.

Asbestos TEM Labs is the only lab in California with the fully approved bulk soil/rock sample crushing and pulverizing equipment specified in the CARB 435 method. Under contract with the California Air Resources Board, Asbestos TEM Labs conducted a series of sample preparation tests in to assess proposed modifications to the CARB 435 method for NOA in soil and rock. Special prep techniques were used to homogenize and mix pulverized soil samples. The results of the asbestos tests will be used by ARB to modify the CARB 435 test method.

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